Friday, January 20, 2012

Danish National Final: Review

Denmark was earmarked by me and a number of fans to be a potential winner of ESC 2012. Having seen the singers and heard the songs I think that the world of Eurovision fandom is a little less certain of that now. However once again they have produced a national final that really stands out. So once again here we go:

Jesper Nohrstedt - This is a uniquely Danish song and a style that we tend to hear quite a bit in their national final. It is a song that builds very well. However the slow part in the song is just a bit tedious. However overall I really like this one. It could be a potential top 3. Grade: B+

Aya - Best Thing I Got starts rather in the style of Satellite. However it builds into something which is as orginal as Satellite was when it first appeared. I am a big fan of this song and I think that this song would deliver the best result to Denmark, which other entries here just wouldn't. The other major factor will be how charismatic Aya is on stage. The song has great potential to be sung by a charismatic singer. The Dark Horse of the competition. Grade: A

Kenneth Potempa - Reach for the sky does not start as well as it could but it builds into a song that actually is rather good, but does sound a little unusual and that is a good thing. I admire Kenneth for his great vocals but I think this is a song that may do ok and make the top 3 at the expense of Jesper's song but more than likely it will just not make it through. Grade: B-

Ditte Marie - I am more than aware that this is the lead singer from Le Freak last year (who I just loved). However I think that this sounds just a tad low and dull for Schlager. That's not to say that the song won't go on the MP3 player (that's right I don't have an i-Pod) the song is good but it does not have the edge that is required to win in Denmark. Grade: B+

Philip Halloun Og Emilia - This song takes so long to get going I had to write this sentence to try to delay myself a little. This is a standard (and a little predictable ballad) from Denmark that we have heard before. It really doesn't develop into a song that I think might capture the attenion of the audience. However when there are so many pop songs this could stand out, however in reality it is a rather average song. Grade: C-

Suriya - This is the favourite to come last and I couldn't agree more. It is a disjointed song that has few redeeming qualities and I really am not mad about it. There is too much going on in this song and it seems to stop and start in a new genre every 30 seconds. Grade: F

Karen Viuff - While I have nothing against the song I just think that this is below the quality that we are seeing in this year’s DMGP. I think the build in the song is just not building at the pace that it needs to for me to like it. Grade: C

Soluna Samay - One of the favourites this song is going to come down to how well it comes across to the audience. It is very difficult to say Hit from the studio version that this is going to work on the night. I like the studio version but it is a difficult call. Grade: B

Christian Brons Og Patrik Isakasson - This is a song that as appeared in DMGP many times however I think that the way this song progresses into the chorus will give it the edge. It should come across well on the night. The "Ay yeah Venter" in the chorus really adds to the song. A proper song for a national final and potential ESC song. Grade: A-

We will publish our predictions for National Finals tomorrow, Saturday.

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