Friday, January 13, 2012

Bulgaria Reviews Part 2

We conclude reviews of the Bulgarian National Final now with the second half of the songs in their national final.

Better Than Grey - What could be better than grey? Well this song. And what's better than this song? Everything else. Grade: E

Svetozar Hristov - The video of the song does not exactly inspire enjoyment. Neither does the song. Grade: G

Viktoriya Dimitrova - Shows potential, could do better. Grade: E

Todor Gadjalov - His voice reminds me a lot of Tom Dice's. As does the song. Needs a little something though. Good, but far from my favorite. Grade: D

Margarita Hranova - Doesn't seem to go anywhere but given the high pace of the semi-final could this stand out? To me it is just a little Disney. Grade: E+

Alex & 4give - Don’t like the start very much.Overall: Boring. Grade: F

Sofi Marinova - Bit generic given what I have heard so far. Still not bad but it just doesn't come up to the mark. Strange ending. Grade: C-

Ceco Elvisa & Daniela - Love this kind of song…. I'm enjoying this. Grade: A (I know an A - I feel faint)

Desi Slava - This starts the way that any Eurovision Song should. As you realise this is a step up from the songs that went before, you also realise that the song might be a little too big for DESS. Still like this. A lot. This has Bulgarian enty written all over it. Grade: B+

Ivaylo Kolev - Gentle and comfortable start. Confident Vocals. The verse leaves lots of room to build to a great anthemic song. It only bearly does this. So much room for improvement. Grade: C.

New 5 - If you can stomach the chessyness it is actually quite good. Needs something small to lift it. (If you think you’re a Eurovision Fan and you can't take the strongest of cheese you are not a fan). Grade: B.

So we will be cheering on Ceco Elvisa & Daniela tomorrow evening. But we also do like Desi Slava.

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