Monday, January 23, 2012

What the Danes Don't Want You To Know?

While the people behind the Eurovision Media and DR might like accept the results of MGP and march on towards Eurovision no one has provided detailed notes on the results. So I'm going to put an end to that, so as that they are on record.

The results of the jury vote: Venter came last with all 5 juries from Azerbaijan, Denmark, Norway, Germany and  Russia and scored 40 points (8 X 5). Should've Known Better scored 54 points (3 ten's and 2 twelve's) and Take Our Hearts came first with juries scoring 56 points (3 twelve's and 2 ten's).

The public vote was combined with jury votes to quickly to allow people to notice that the results were:

1.Should've Known Better - 56 points
2. Venter - 48 points
3. Take Our Hearts - 46 points

In a three way battle this actually rather close. Assuming that they received these points on the basis of the percentage of votes in the televote, then roughly speaking, that means the televote results were:

1.Should've Known Better - 37.3%
2. Venter - 32%
3. Take Our Hearts - 30.7%

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