Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Iceland Semi Final 3: Review

Today we bring our reviews of the Icelandic Semi-Finals to a close with a review of the third semi final.

Greta Salome, Heida & Gudron Árny - Greta Salome II, Return of Greta; Heida II, etc.: Who saw it coming? This is one of my favourites from Iceland and should qualify for the final unless the powers that be try to stop it to prevent one artist from reaching the final with two songs. We have seen from earlier that all the artists are able to deliver vocally and I think this may be even slightly better than their other songs. Grade: A-

Herbert Gudmundsson - A nice pop song with a great chorus. Difficult to say how this is going to do. Really like this. Grade: B

Íris Lind Verudóttir - While there is no shortage of female sung ballads this year I think that this has a very distinctive sound that sets it apart. I don't know if this will make the final. Grade: C

Magni Ásgeirsson - A strange starting song that builds into something that you weren't quite expecting (not sure if that is a good thing). Parts of the song are really good but there are bits of music when he is not singing is not exactly keeping in line with the song and is a little surprising. Grade: D-

Svenni Thor - A mysterious song that’s draws you in and then builds well. Not every part is perfect but it has a nice chorus. Very listenable. Grade: D+

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