Friday, January 27, 2012

Traditional Folk, Racism and Controversy...and that's just one song. Norway: Semi-Final 2 Reviews

Norway holds semi number 2 on Saturday night. So as usual we are here to the review songs.

Cocktail Slippers - If this was a normal country I would be writing about how strong this song is, and yet in MGP it seems a low quality song. There is a lack of orginality with this pop song. There is better in the compeitition and I think that this has a very slim chance. Grade: C-

Isabel Ødegård - Sadly this is another ballad that will not stand out at MGP. And that's before I realised that it was singing second in the semi-final. It still is pleasant but that is just not enough at this stage. Grade: C-

Tommy Fredvang: This is not a rock song it is more Disney Pop/Rock and is clearly on the pop song of this argument. The Lyrics are a little poor but that can't really be helped. It seems a little repetitive which is hardly a good thing either. Presentation will be everything, but I still think it is ok. Grade: C

Rikke Lie - So what does the other Rikke have to offer, well her song is more what I would expect from MGP. It builds all of a sudden and does not ever try to be overly balladish. I think it is nice but that's all. If it should not make the final, well, I'm not going to sit up all night cross about it. Grade: C

Malin - And the award for closest song to the Hello song goes to……. This song is contempemory that is for sure. However I think that it is good, but is not for multiple listenings. It may be a little over technihcal and manufactured. This is a shame because I think it actually has a lot of orginality to it. Grade: A-

Plumbo - Plumbo is quite a controversial band and nearly got thrown out of MGP for not watching their mouths. The song Ola Nordman is a very strong folk rock song. I am a huge fan of the folk rock that does appear in the Nordic selections and this is simiply excellent. It really sits there and just performs itself. In my view it is the second best song in MGP this year. Love the tin whisle by the way. Grade: A+

Minne-Oh - A highly innovative song. I'm not sure why there is the level of disco in it. Is she trying to cover up poor vocals? I still like it and while I think it could be a  little more dramatic it is still going to be easy to swallow on the night. Grade: B

Rikke Normann - In my view there is such a thing as to much mixing and beat in a song. This is a prime example of it. The song lacks a real character. Given Rikke's great performance with Aste last year I'm expecting good things from her this year and suspect she will deliver. Grade: C+

So we hope to see Plumbo going through to the final. We would also like to see Malin and Minne-Oh in the final.

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