Saturday, January 14, 2012

UPD: Where is the UK?

At this stage we've heard from almost every western country with the exception of the UK. As far as we can see there is no evidence to suggest that they will not use internal selection this year. So while I expect this it still does not make sense why the UK are not saying anything. This leads to more questions than answers:

  • Have they got some big name artist that they are trying to  keep secret until the last minute
  • Can they not get anyone well known and are embarrassed.  
  • We know the BBC are not overly happy with ESC being in Baku but are trying to figure out how to deal with it.
  • Is there a risk that BBC might not be at ESC this year?
Which brings me nicely to my next question Where is the full list of participates? It really is strange.

Update (and correction): We have had quite a bit of reaction to this piece and would firstly like to thank people for getting in touch. It is the opinion of The Best Eurovision Blog that the UK is highly unlikely to not go to Eurovision. I was actually trying to highlight the fact that I think that they have a good singer up their sleeves. However the idea that the UK may not come to Eurovision is one that comes from a memo to the BBC from the EBU. The EBU claims that the BBC are against Azerbaijan hosting the contest and are trying to hurt their bid by claiming they are violating human rights. The idea BBC may withdraw is utter speculation but part of the aims of this blog is to do so.

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