Sunday, January 1, 2012


As promised I found WiFi (somewhere) so here our ideas. This piece was meant to be about the more surreal aspects of Eurovision and my more mad ideas. However it lead to the development of many other ideas.

Should the UK send the Christmas no. 1 to ESC?
This question is raised given that the earliest a song may be published is now 1st September. So might we see the military wives at the ESC. This might not be possible if no.1 is an x factor winner.
This also could be a problem given the national selection rules due to come in next year. Perhaps, we could have the highest placed original song from the charts at christmas.

Return of the orchestra

I know that not every fan is not hung up about the return of the orchestra. However I believe that the orchestra could return. The main reason that this is opposed is because of the number of songs the orchestra would have to learn. However my solution is to have one orchestra for the first semi final and a different one for the second. Then at the final both orchestras would play. This would have been a problem when ESC was in smaller venues, but now when you are looking at over 20000 seating venues this really wouldn't matter.

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