Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 Starts Thursday!

Like many of our Eurovision Friends we are just uber-excited to say that on Thursday. But  is so much to look forward to? Well we think yes there is and before I hear the songs and become very biased (as our readers will see).

The Return of The Moniker:
Last year The Moniker came to the fore despite coming to the final via Andra Chansen (Sorry if my Swedish spelling is wrong!) He wowed us with his song Oh My God! and we are very much looking forward to his entry.

We also should mention we look forward to Loreen and Afro-Dite but mostly to see what their song are like. Loreen could have something good given that Thomas G:sson is involved.

What else? Well we in the other semi-finals we like Molly Sandén and Andreas Johnson and (to a lesser extent Danny). Love Generation will be a high on the list but most importantly:
But what we cannot fail to mention is all the other artists. There will be some great songs and artists that I have never heard of before because that is what Eurovision is all about!

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