Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Belarus

A word of warning: Unfortunately Belarus has decided that a contestant may change a song to another off a list. So I am reviewing these songs on the basis that they will not change.

Alena Lanskaya - While this does not seem note perfect this is a good rockish song. LOSE THE DANCERS. Otherwise it would have a lot of potential when it gets to Baku. Grade:

Uzari - Uninteresting. Goes nowhere. Grade: G

Gunesh - And morning will come seems like a reharsh of Butterflies. Except it does have those deep emotive notes. The song just doesn't build as it should. Very disappointing. Grade: E

Litesound - This is a little more schlager rock for me. The song has actually some depth to it. This could be a favorite due by picking up a few female votes and should appeal to males enough. I can really see this working in Baku. Grade: B+

Victoria Aleshko - A bit more dramatic, but a little too Disney. Needs a complete rework to have a hope in Eurovision but still can't see this being picked. Grade: D-

So on the basis of these results The Best Eurovision Blog is supporting LITESOUND for Eurovision. We wish them the best of luck. The National Final takes place in Belarus on 28th January 31st January. We are delighted by this because we may be able to provide commentary depending on the time.

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