Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Odd Mix: Hungarian Reviews

This year Hungary opted for a national final format of competition, which surprised me just a little not because the held a national final but the rather strange bunch of songs they put together for it. But this post is already to long so I shall begin.....{I don't know the which songs are in which semi-final by the way}......

Caramel - Maybe it's just me but I don't go for the Hungargian lyrics here. This is so boring in comprision to the song I just heard from MGP. However I will respect professionalism here. Grade: E+

Kállay Saunders András - In spite of the strange opening this builds into a pleasant song. The I Love you is a bit repetitive and unorginal but the music to the song is good. I don't like the rap but overall this is pleasant. Grade: D+

Anti Fitness Club - A bit average but anyhow. Grade: D-

Nika - A slow builder but I think this sounds like it is the most likely to go to ESC. I like this one. Grade: B+

Compact Disco - This song is very modern sounding. The verse is good. This could look well on a stage for the national selection. Grade: D+

Dancs Annamari - This is not schlager but it does it's best. The beat in the background is pretty distracting but could look good if there was on stage. Grade: D-

Gina Kiss - This is a gentle ballad with a female singer (this appears to be a motif of the national final season so far). However there is just something extra that works and makes this song stand out from the others. Her confident vocals are impressive. Grade: C-

Linda Király ft. RH3 & Pras - I am not entirely sure that the song I am listening is the right song but no matter. This is a very modern song and is completely different to many of  the songs that went before it. The rap works well in the the song. Grade: C-

Tibor Gyurcsík - This sounds just a little out of place here. The sound is a little old fashioned. We have heard it a lot in this national final season. I still like it but I don't think that will pull it through to Eurovision. Grade: C-

Juli Fabian & Zoohacker - Very modern song once again, the song develops into a more fast paced song but does this so gently you hardly notice. The vocals are intergral to the song and would need to be excellent on the night for this to carry. Grade: C-

Attila Kokény & Tamara Bencsik - While this sounds like an attempt at Running Scared part 2, it is weaker, a lot weaker. The Hungarian lyrics are not fully doing for me here. Grade: D

Monsoon - This is modern sounding and could do well at ESC but there is something that I just cannot figure out, but I don't love it as I should. Grade: D-

Sophistic - Not that we are big fans of critising females, espeically three rather good looking ones. I think that this song is just a little generic. It doesn't have the power that we need for a pop song to stand out. Grade: D+

Renáta Tolvai - At the start of the song I thought we had a Jungle Book  remake on our hands. (Not that that would be a bad thing). I like this one. It straddles the line between overly pop song and dull pop song well. There definitely is going to be some strange theme with this song. I wish I could understand the lyrics. Grade: B-

Tóth Gabi - The problem with this song is it is very good but there will be a huge tempeation to oversing it. The overstrong choruses might not play well to the ESC audience. Grade: B+

Krisz Rudi - A very orginal jazz  song. I like this it is a bit strange but nevertheless it is still good. Not sure how it might stand out in the final. Grade:C-

Gallusz Niki & Vivy Márton - This is a pleasant song that should stand out in it's semi-final but I can't help but think that this would have struggled in ESC in 1995. Grade:C-

Heinz Gabi - A very pleasant summer song. This might struggle in the semi-finals because it sounds a little out of place for a winter competition but at the same time I think that this may be the most apporperate song for ESC in the summer. Personally I really like this. Grade: B+

Pély Barna, Pál Eszter & Pál István  - A more traditional approach to the Eurovision Song. I don't to know if this actually will stand out to the Hungarian people. Grade: C

Puskás Péti - Not a big fan of this. It doesn't appear to go anywhere. Grade: E

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