Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: Cyprus national final

Today there is not a vast amount of news coming in other than Tine Lyagraard's participation in DMGP 2012 is once again under scrutiny after fresh information appeared. (We'll keep you posted)

So in the meantime we have a review of the Cyprus songs and before I begin I would like to congratulate Cyprus on coming up with three really impressive songs. They were so good that I have to use a different marking scale to the last time. (The Higher Scale). As was already known Ivi Adamou is to sing all songs.

Call The Police - Finally a song that is worthy of Eurovision. There really is so much poor stuff at the moment this is developed and refreshing. However can Ivi pull it off. I think she should, but once we hear all the ESC songs this may not be strong enough. Grade: C+

I Don't Belong Here - This is good but it needs a stronger ending chorus just to lift it and make it a little anthemic. Otherwise a strong song. Grade: C

La La Love - I think that this song is the song we will see at Eurovision. It has the right disco sound to do well at Eurovision. This is just so balanced it is wonderful. The chorus is strong. However if it was not for the juries I would say that we are going to see Cyprus in the top 5. However they will only respect a song if the vocal performance is not just acceptable but goes above and beyond the call of duty. Grade: B+

I think what we are looking for from Ivi is very good vocals to match her strong songs. I expect if she delivers this then we are looking at Cyprus beating it’s previous highest placing. 

La La Love has emerged as the fan favorite (Poll, ESCDaily) After 816 votes: La La Love (71%); You Don't Belong Here (15%); Call The Police (14%). [Figures rounded]

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