Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love Oh Love! I gotta come back to Eurovision. Cos I oh I can't go a minute without Eurovision.

Today Denmark annonuced the 10 finalists they selected. While most of them seem like the usual unheard of hopeful two interesting names popped up in the songwriters list: John Gordon and Julie Frost. In terms of performers there's an X Factor finalist; someone who is similar to Kelly Clarkson or Pink and someone who claims they spent a third of their life in a Caravan. No doubt the Schlagerboys will be disappointed that Thomas G:son is not a songwriter here but I have no doubt we will see at least one good schlager anthem here - we often do. What concerns me is that none of the contestants coming out of Denmark are well known. Myself and many others have Denmark ear marked to win. While the real test is the quality of songs; this is a bad step.

Nearby in Netherlands they too announced their finalists who, it seems are less known than the people in Denmark. Most interestingly four of the six contestants are in some way connected to The Voice of Netherlands.

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