Sunday, February 26, 2012

An American Indian And A Balkan Ballad For Baku

Tonight saw Netherlands and Slovenia both select their songs for Baku.

Netherlands selected a bouncy song for Baku sung by a Joan Franka called You and Me. It is rather cheesey. What was interesting was the consistent disagreement by the dutch with the results of the international jury. Given that it contained 100 members they represented a wide fan base so should have been listened to more. Joan won the televote with 53.8%. Netherlands are in a tough semi-final so their qualification is unlikely.

Slovenia have decided to not send a rather controversial act to Baku. (You'd know I wrote this while I was watching EMA). Eva Boto will sing a pretty Balkan ballad. I think it is better than Croatia alright, not sure how it fares out against non balkan songs. Anyhow here it is:


  1. Hm, those sound quite nice. :) I really love Balkan songs! And from what I saw during my visit to a Baku hotel, I can tell it fits the country quite well. Cheers!

    1. It's one fantastic sounding hotel.