Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Think The Winner Is In This Semi-Final

Our Estonian reviews were actually a small bit more successful than I had expected they would be. Estonia have a reasonable semi-final this week unlike last week. So here we go:

Traffic - On the plus side to start at least the band's  name is easy to spell. The song however has a good accessible sound to it. Kind of the old style rock which should go down reasonably well. Grade: C+

Lenna Kuurmaa - This is an innocent but fairly dull song and performance. But it really does go nowhere. If I heard this in the lift I'd be bored. Grade: E-

Malcolm Lincoln - Bye is a better song than the one he sent to Eurovision last year, I really like this one but I can see it being stopped dead by the Estonian televoters. This really harks me back to the musicial greats of the sixties. Grade: A-

Tenfold Rabbit - First prize for the group who could think of a more bonkers name than Malcolm Lincoln. This reminds me of the Gibert O'Sullivan classic "Nothing Rhymed". There was nothing wrong with that song and there is little wrong with this one.  It actually builds quite well. Grade: B

Birgit Oigemeel & Violina - For the first time since I started writing these reviews I think we actually could have the Estonian song for Eurovision on our hands. This is by no means perfect but in a sea of techno where each song sounds like the last one this stands out. Grade: A+

Soul Milita  -Continuing  from my last comment here is another potential song. I would not be as mad about it as the last one but at least it is clear and uncomplicated. Grade: B

Mimicry - Returning to Essti Laul is Mimicry who have decided it is best to continue with boring over sythesised pop theme of this national final. Grade: B-

Orelipuss - Well I give you Estonia's answer to The Dubliners. They’re just not quite as good. Because this is a bit different to a lot of all the other songs this should make it through the national final without to much difficultly. Grade: A-

Teele Viira - Once again techno music, but this is a little better. While it is nice to know I still think that this is too much of the same again. Grade: C

Cat Eye - Well a song title such as "ride" won't lead to any inuendos at all. This actually is rather boring. It is rather monotone with little to offer. Grade: D

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