Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Belarus Selects Their Song Tonight

This evening Belarus will select their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately it is being held at the annoying hour of 16:00 CET which means I be in a lecture so I sadly will not be watching.

We are republishing our reviews here:

Alena Lanskaya - While this does not seem note perfect this is a good rockish song. LOSE THE DANCERS. Otherwise it would have a lot of potential when it gets to Baku. Grade:

Uzari - Uninteresting. Goes nowhere. Grade: G

Litesound - This is a little more schlager rock for me. The song has actually some depth to it. This could be a favorite due by picking up a few female votes and should appeal to males enough. I can really see this working in Baku. Grade: B+

Victoria Aleshko - A bit more dramatic, but a little too Disney. Needs a complete rework to have a hope in Eurovision but still can't see this being picked. Grade: D-

Gunesh has changed her song which is a good think because I was rather unimpressed with it. However I have not heard the new entry so I cannot comment on it.

Personally I think Litesound will win this comfortablely but I could be wrong - spent most of the weekend being wrong :(.

You can watch the Belarus national final via the eurovision.tv player (and I think you can rewatch it on that too but am unsure).

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