Thursday, February 2, 2012

We Get To See Marie Serneholt In Catsuit!!!!

While in theory Melodifestivalen started on Monday, today we actually saw the results of it with SVT publishing one minute clips of each of the songs in the first semi-final. Normally we would wait until after the full songs are published but due to the nature of the contest we cannot and one minute clips give us a lot to work with.

Sean Banan - This has proven to be the most interesting entry so far in Melodifestivalen I find it quite nice to listen to. Of course the chorus being strong with a weak verse is not a good idea for a song that is going first in the competition. However it is a very integing song which I am surprised by. Sean has a good number of fans who will support him through the contest so I think he will surely be in Andra Chansen whether he goes direct to the final will be surprising, as I suspect the song will be quite repetitive in the long version.  I don't like the Blue and Yellow because it just reminds me of Dublin Bus or much else about the way it is staged. Grade: C+

Abalone Dots - A deep moody and raw Swedish ballad, which kinda reminds me of a stripped back Timoteij. I think that it could surprise us and come 5th but there is only a 50% chance of that happening I do accept. The song is one that I find really appealing which would not be what every fan would say.  The staging is done smartly focusing on instrutments and the epicness of it all. Even though I like it I'm not entirely convinced Sweden will go for it. Grade: C

The Moniker - Is spite of being one of the most antipated songs in the National Finals this song from The Moniker is a surprise. While we accept that he is into this style of music we weren't expecting him to put it into Melodifestivalen. The staging is simple and staightforward. However given the ruthless nature of Melodifestivalen it would not surprise me if this failed to qualify. Grade: D+

Afro-Dite - Afro-Dite surprised no one with the song that they choose for MF. It is similar to the disco songs that we heard from them in 2002/3. Their staging will be good on the night and this combined with having two rather balladish songs before it could help it go through to AC or directly to the final. However given that the song does sound like it could have come from 2000's and may be rejected by the Swedes because it sounds to old. Grade: C

Dead By April - Fans have said that this a possible qualifier however I think that the rather fickle nature of the Swedes means that they could reject this. It would actually be ok if there wasn't so much screaming. Grade: G

Marie Serneholt - You can say what you like about about Swing-Pop, this has AC written all over it. Most importantly (for us hetrosexual males anyway) is that according to SVT Marie will be wearing a catsuit. This could add quite a lot to my overall enjoyment of the song. Otherwise I am enjoying the song however the lyrics are a little childish but overall this could be a surprise finalist, considering Marie's popularity and her hosting of MF last year. Gossip: Did anyone notice that you could see right through Marie's blouse today? (I'm starting to sound like a real prevert now aren't I? So I shall shut up while I am ahead.) Grade: B+

Thorsten Flinck - What is a shame is that the song is actually rather nice but Thorsten actually destorys it with his voice. He sounds like the guy down the back of the pub who has had to much to drink. Personally I am not this songs biggest fan and reakon it will be stuck in the semi-final it came from. The staging is nice. Grade: E-

Loreen - When it was announced that Loreen was performing in MF many fans were delighted but not myself. I got what I expected. A rather cold and clinical song that is not overly appealing but Loreen has a rather remarkable voice. That is all. What is wrong? Well she makes no effort to perform the song live and does not make a connection with the target audience. Her hair also does not make the lack of charisma any easier to deal with. This will be great to listen to but won't be very interesting to watch except for the first time when I expect Sweden will love it so much it will go straight through to the Final. Grade: B

Clearly Loreen and Marie are the ones we would like to see go through to the final, with Sean Banan and Abalone Dots go through to the Andra Chansen. 

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