Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vote For Timoteij!!!!

I was almost going to take an evening off blogging when I realised that the songs from Melodifestivalen still had to be reviewed. So before we head off to look at the live stream from Gothenburg here come the reviews:

Ulrik Munther - This is a direct appeal to the Justin Beber fans of Sweden. His sing is of the high quality that we have come to expect from Sweden. Why he has a mouth organ I will never figure out but I think this is pitched very well at the voters and should go directly to the final in Stockholm. At a personal level I think it is a good listen but think there is better in this semi-final. Grade: B

Top Cats - When I first started watching this clip of the song I could have sworn I was after watching The King by The Playtones. However unlike the Playtones this is not nearly as strong the song may be good for the genre but it lacks a sense of connectedness that we expect from songs. Very average entry which will struggle in Melodifestivalen. Grade: D-

Sonja Aldén - This is might be a case where we actually need to hear the whole version of the song. I'd be surprised if this clip was taken late in the song as the song has not built up at all. Every year some big name comes crashing out of Melodifestivalen and this could be that entry this year. I think it feels very cold and stagnet this is due to the lack of warmth and passion in the ballad but perhaps I could understand it more if I spoke Swedish. Grade: C-

Andreas Lundsteadts - After Alcazar split last year I felt that it was obvious that one of them would turn up at Melodifestivalen. This song is a little to sutble to be Alcazar and indeed it could cancal out with some of Mimi-Oh's vote. This might be a little over dramatically performed. It is quite radio friendly but I think this may not be good anywhere. It is a good song in certain respects. Grade: C

Timoteij - This was the song that I have been waiting for for quite some time. Of course this is the fan favorite in this semi-final however I think that it does offer everything that Timoteij are good at. However unlike their Norwegian neighbours the Swedes do not seem to embrace the ethnic pop to the extend others did. However if this doesn't go directly to the final it will be a surprise. If I could critise them I would say that their choltes don't exactly match up/ contrast from the song well. But this really is nit picking. Whether or not they win Melodifestivalen remains to be seen, but let us enjoy a great song. Grade: A+

David Lindgren - An over techno song which doesn't offer very much but it could come across well on TV. I don't whether this is way off of the mark or just a maybe. I'm not the biggest fan as you can tell. Grade: D+

Mimi Oh - A direct competitor to Andreas however I think that this works a lot better. Overall this subtle pop does not do very well in competitions however I think that this is well performed and colourful enough that it should hold up and possibly gain a place in Andra Chansen. P.S. I wrote up these reviews quickly and was listening to Mimi's song again and really it is very good. Not good enough to go to the final but I really like this one. Grade: A-

Thomas Di Leva - A Patient has escaped from the mental home in Sweden. Maybe seen singing crap pop songs that may have been seen in Eurovision during the 70's. Grade: D

I think I speak for many blogs around Europe in hoping that TIMOTEIJ <3! go through to the final, and while I like Mimi Oh I reckon it will be Ulrik Munther. The songs that get through to Andra Chansen are a bit harder to work out I think Mimi Oh and David.

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