Friday, February 3, 2012

The National Final With The Rappers And......The Bearded Woman?

Even though most of the Austrian songs have been online for quite some time we decided to wait before we reviewed them. Now that they are all online here we go:

James Cottriall - Stand up is quiet a catchy but dated song. The datedness may compromise the song at national final level. I still like it for its old style. Grade: C+

!Deladap - Simple, old-style, this is actually quite nice piece of swing-ish music. I like this. Grade: C+

Mary Broadcast Band - The simple and gentle start is good but it doesn't develop enough to stand out. The vocals are nice but I just cannot imagine this at ESC. It is to gentle for Eurovision. However a little push in the song would help it greatly while maintaining the overall spirit of the song. Grade: D

Papermoon - The song works much more than Mary Broadcast Band. It is gentle but at the same time grows into something that you can enjoy. It shouldn't be too difficult to get the vocals right. Really like this other than the too many languages. A possible contender? Grade: C-

Norbert Schinder - A little old style once again. Getting bored of these. Grade: E+

Trackshittaz - This is a song I was looking forward to. Trackshittaz were worthy of Eurovision last year. This, like last year is all about staging in the right way. The energy that Trackshittaz will be able to bring on stage should make this a contender. Grade: B-

Valerie - At the start sound could be a remix of Cyprus 2007. However there is something in this song I just don't like. The constant stopping is annoying. Don't like this. Grade: F

Conchita Wurst - The Schlagerboys are going to love this. It just needs to be strengthened a little and this may happen by being performed live. This was the first song that I stopped to replay once it had stopped. Really like this. Notice that I got around this song without mentioning the beard! Grade: B+

Krautschadl - I think that this is very average. It just does not have the kind of edge that I was looking for. Grade: D-

3Punkt5- Frankly I can't see what I was waiting for. This lacks any real interesting features that other songs in this National Final are going to deliver. Grade: F

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