Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Does Anyone Watch Lithuania? Why?

Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually follows Lithuania, being sandwiched in the national season with other greats like Melodifestivalen or Eesti Laul, but having heard the songs it is not as dire as one might expect.

The Independent   What does try to be a reasonable punkish rock song but fails in the process. It is a bit generic and old fashioned sounding but I like a trier. Grade: D

Multiks - Reminds me of Compact Disco in Hungary but is missing something important. It has no tangible edge and could fail trying to get it. Grade: E-

Beissoul - No. Just no. Are they serious that this got 12 from the jury and public? Grade: F

Alive Way - Very nice song. This relaxed and gentle style might do well at the contest if the competition is high energy, which it looks set to be. But this is a bit heard-before but I like it. Grade: C+

Vytautas Matuzas - Send a rapping midget in a wheelchair to Eurovision? This is not strong enough to really stand out on stage. I know that the wheelchair will attract some attenion but the whole thing doesn't seem to work. Grade: E+

Katazina - This was a rather difficult song to find on YouTube but when you listen to it you start to wonder does anyone listen to this stuff. There is nothing per se wrong with the song but it just doesn’t seem strong enough but in the scheme of things that is not unusal.  Grade: E

VIG Roses - Good song  but based on the songs that went before that is hardly saying much. Standard r'n'b music. Good looking women. Grade: C-

Bekeso Vilkai - Time for some slow balladly/jazz not entirely certain as to how this could do. I do like this though. Grade: B-

Monika - Ah, yeah in a final of virtually shockingly poor song this shines through, if this went to ESC it would probably go nowhere. But for a while each day I like to think that one day this kind of song will. Grade: A-

Donny Montell - This is a very strong song but is missing something. Grade: B-

DAR - Very easy to spell by all accounts. However this is a good old-fashioned Eurovision song that should not be let near ESC unless Lithuania want to be laughed at. Grade: C

Simona Milinyte - Amazingly this did not top the public or juries in the semi-final. It is still excellent Grade: A

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