Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Short Little Review Of Spain

Spain this year decided from the outset to send Pastora Soler to the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a wise move on their part. So Pastora now has three excellent songs to send to Baku but it is time we reviewed them.

Ahora O Nunca - Ahora O Nunca (now or never) is a somewhat old style Spanish Eurovision entry. That is not to say that it is not strong - I really love this song, but it is not the strongest here. It is wonderfully gentle and if there was a lot of high energy songs around it is could balence strong with gentle very well here. Grade: A-

Tu Vida Es Tu Vida - I'm not a huge fan of this song. I understand the need for an up beat song in this National final. However I still think that this would be a waste of Pastora's talents - she could do so much more with a ballad. Grade: C

Quédate Conmigo - I'd say that this is the strongest song out of the three here. It builds the way the song should and finishs in a great cresendo. Pastora should be really well able to show off her vocals here. It really is song that they should have sent Coral with in 2010. Grade: B+

So hopefully Spain might pick Ahora O Nunca but my guess is that they will choose Quédate Conmigo.

Buena Suerte Espana y Pastora Soler!

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