Saturday, February 4, 2012

Updated Adjusted Maltese Reviews

Now that Malta has gotten rid of a couple of songs we publish our reviews again and preview their national final.

 Amber - Very unusual song, her voice is strong. However the song, though interesting, is a bit repetitive and the climax and final verse are by not strong enough given what they seem to be building towards in the first verses. Maybe this is intentional but I suspect not. - Grade: E-

Claudia Fanniello - A strong ballad . Returning artist Claudia gives a great number with the song Prue. This has all the hallmarks of a good song but Claudia lifts it well, however there has been problems with her vocal performance in the past at the final. So let us hope she can pull this one off. Grade : B+

Corazon – No review. Grade: D

Dancia Muscat - Grade: C-

Deborah C. feat L. James - Fab Alert: This is schlager, two bouncy (and good looking) girls jumping around singing a song that you just know they'll murder live. However massive live disaster performances are best avoided by a schlager style pair of heels. We shall see. If Deborah wears a leather catsuit on the night [she has done it before] I'll give this an A+ in the meantime. Grade: A

Dorothy Bezzina - Interesting, that’s all I'll say. Very possible contender but strangely seems a little cold. Grade: B-

Fabrizio Faniello - Those of you hoping for something the same as last year will not be disappointed. However it is difficult to know if Fabrizio is worth sending to Eurovision again. Those with a liking for beards that make you look like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also will not be disappointed. Grade: B-

Francesca Borg - Dire. How did this qualify. Grade: G

Gianni - Poor quality rock with few redeming features other than a good end. Grade: E

Janvil - Grade: C-

Kaya - This might not be schlager but it does raise the standard. This is the first song I have heard that lifts to the standard that we would expect at Eurovision. An early favourite? It is not my favorite but I do expect it to do well. Grade: B

Kilnsmann - Why start by sitting on the ground? The chorus of the song sounds a bit boybandish however it is pleasant. Pleasant never won Eurovision but anyhow. But is it meant mean to be pop/rock or a boyband? There are some performance flaws but a nice song. Grade: C

Kurt Calleja - Very good but he needs to be able to live on the night to get to Baku. But remember Maltese voters are arguably the madest hatters of all ESC western countries. This is a nice song but this still would need a real live performance to lift it. If Kurt can pull that off the song has a hope. However I can only grade on what I hear in the studio version. Grade: C

Lawerence Grey - Good voice, dullish song we lots of these in Malta. Song only gets duller. Why wear a suit? Grade: D-

Richard Edwards - Look at me now is a better song than the last couple that I listened to it before, however this is still not over interesting. Nevertheless I like the overall song somewhat. Grade: D

Wayne Micallef - Grade: F

Overall Malta have taken off more poor songs then they left in. We are reasonably happy with the outcome of the Semi-Final and hope that DEBORAH C FEAT. LEILA JAMES are representing Malta. While this may be unsure you can always be sure we will have an opinion on their Eurovision entry once they select it.

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