Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silence of the UK Could Be Starting To Do Damage

The quietness of BBC Eurovision department is rather annoying for fans but more than that, it really is starting to do the UK Eurovision damage the UK's creditably and their entry. I have long argued that the UK has either one of two things: 1. They cannot find anyone worthwhile to send to Eurovision and are frantically trying to trying to find someone or 2. They have got someone really big and are keeping them under wraps. So what is the problem here? What are they doing?

The problem is simple. Last year the UK sent Blue to the Eurovision Song Contest and did very well for themselves coming 11th (I know some fans complain but given the song and the jury performance it was respectable). The BBC had sent out a flare to the rest of Europe. We're going to take this seriously and actually try and get a win in the next few years. Or so we thought. If they actually hadn't got a singer that would be a ery bad sign. However I think that the second theory is more than likely the correct one.

Last year many fans may remember that three names started to circulate around about the BBC Eurovision entry. Once we knew there was no national final, names started to appear and were quickly brought down to three suspects: Pixie Lott; Katherine Jenkins and Charlotte Church. In the end it was Blue. So what was the fuss all about?

Well this time last year the Beeb knew two certain things. 1. The Queen holds her {Those who know insert number here} anniversary on the throne. 2. Britain is to host the Olympics. 2012 really is the year that Britain has a huge opportunity to wedge itself toward the front of international recognition. They will not have this kind of chance again. So why not top it off with a Eurovision win while your at it? Ewan over on the podcast said at the time that many of the names in circulation were to big and would have to be booked a year in advance.

Exactly, a year in advance.

Could one of the big names be off to Eurovision for the UK. Did they sign the contract  Based on the points above we suspect this is the case. However here is where the problems arise. While us romantic fans like to believe that it is all down to the way the song goes on the night of the contest is what is important, the reality is that promotion is always a good thing and generally will merit a song a higher place on the table than it could have got without promotion. This is where the UK's silence is really starting to hurt. If they had come, armed with a big artist and song in Janurary, they could have launched a whirlwind national final tour. Because they have delayed their press and promotion they have lost out just in being mentioned by people discussing Eurovision on TV.

So who could it be off the list? Katherine Jenkins is my favourite singer [Yes I have favourites outside of Eurovision] Well, I know for a fact that Katherine Jenkins quit ITV's show Popstar to Operastar [which happens around the time of Eurovision] claiming that it might get in the way of her tour. Here's the thing - there is no tour. She has a big gap in her calender from around March-Oct. this year with one engagement in June. She launched an album last year, so there is no real reason for such a gap.

Of course this is only speculation and I have no doubt you say the same about lots of Artists.


  1. I heard a rumour that The Spice Girls may appear, or at least one of them...

    1. To be honest Richard if you told me that Bill Bailey and Jo Brand were going to do a duet I'd believe it.

      Personally I would tend to be against the trend of reforming groups going to Eurovision. I think there is a lot of scope for something that is original and fresh.