Monday, February 27, 2012

The Bulgarian Saga Continues

Back in January Bulgaria held a semi-final bring 22 songs down to 12, now it is time to assess what remains and what might be going to Baku.

Steliyana Hristova's – Rap song. It’s what I'd expect but at this stage but I really think as rap goes this is good. Grade: C

Simona Sivano While this is nice, it feels like I've heard this song before just because with so many similar ballads it is very difficult to differencate it from all the other songs. Grade: C

Rene Ranev Nice to hear a rock style song in this contest. However this just doesn't go anywhere. Grade: D. 

Ivaylo Kolev Very nice start. Chorus is good enough. Great confidence and strength in the vocals. I like this. But it needs a bigger kick at the end. Grade: C+

Vyara Pantaleeva - Russia style ballad. Reviting. Not. Grade: B

Monika Kirovska - LOVING the almost Irish feel to this. Very gentle and nice song. Nice background music not ESC material. Grade: D

Svetozar Hristov - The video of the song does not exactly inspire enjoyment. Neither does the song. Grade: G

Todor Gadjalov - His voice reminds me a lot of Tom Dice's. As does the song. Needs a little something though. Good, but far from my favorite. Grade: D

Sofi Marinova - Bit generic given what I have heard so far. Still not bad but it just doesn't come up to the mark. Strange ending. Grade: C-

Ceco Elvisa & Daniela Love this kind of song…. I'm enjoying this. Grade: A (I know an A - I feel faint)

Desi Slava This starts the way that any Eurovision Song should. As you realise this is a step up from the songs that went before, you also realise that the song might be a little too big for DESS. Still like this. A lot. This has Bulgarian enty written all over it. Grade: B+

Ivaylo Kolev - Gentle and comfortable start. Confident Vocals. The verse leaves lots of room to build to a great anthemic song. It only bearly does this. So much room for improvement. Grade: C.

New 5 - If you can stomach the chessyness it is actually quite good. Needs something small to lift it. (If you think you’re a Eurovision Fan and you can't take the strongest of cheese you are not a fan). Grade: B.

What is most hilarious is that despite all this process we are going to be left with a rather average sounding song from Bulgaria.

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