Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: Cyprus

After quite a lot of procrastination I finally sat down to write my review of the Cypriot song La La Love sung by Ivi Adamou. They will perform in the second half of the first semi-final.

Cyprus this year provided great excitement when they released the three songs in their National Final. When they did this we really had not heard any real high quality songs. Now that we have I really am bored by the Cypriot entry. The song feels very false and generic even when it is performed live. I think that it is the standard Fanwank, it lacks any notes that could be hard to sing or anything that would give this song a competitive advantage in Eurovision. I can't see anything in the song that would make a large enough proportion of Europe for it to make it through to the final. Ivi doesn't have a vast amount of charisma to add to the song and I felt that she was to focused on the audience than she was on the cameras.

The next problem is a production one: Why did Ivi not sing live? Whoever decided that it was best that Ivi should not sing live in the National Final was sadly unaware of how that would impact on how she would be perceived by fans. This decision does not fill me with confidence in her ability to sing well on the stage in Baku. Aside for these factors she ought to practice singing this song live. The only thing I would recommend is that she should keep the silver dress, it is far more interesting than the black one.

Verdict: A cheap and cheerful pop song that really has little hope of qualifying even in comparison to the other ESC entries already picked this is just not at the standard that is required to do well. I am not saying that I steer well clear of it. It is nice but just is too simple for Eurovision.

Grade: D

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