Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sailors, Cowboy Hats and Too Much Wine. MGP: Semi 3

With news to be posted slowly mounting up, it's time to put the foot down and get moving.

Tooij - From some of the writers who brought you In The Club in Sweden comes a very similar song. I think that this is strong however the verse and chorus do not exactly add up together. The wrap that was put into the song doesn't make huge amount of sense. However it still is doing well on my playlist. I also don't like the chuncky key change in the song - that can be done much more easily. Overall I am looking forward to seeing this live. Grade: B+

Marthe Valle - The key question with this song is that if it is a little different, is different a good thing? I certainly think that it is. I think that the beat in the chorus of this song really changes it and lifts it from being a dull ballad to….a…..emmmm. Well I'm not exactly sure. This may not make the final but it could if it was presented in the right way on stage. The MGP stage this year allows for great diversity in the performances while holding a theme. Still one of my favourites. Grade: B-

Bobby Bare & Petter - Grab your cowboy hats people. Norway is goin' country. I really think that this is a little different. I like the style and this will be sung well and will definitely appeal to the Norweigian people. A different finalist. Grade: A-

Yaseen & Julie Maria - A sadly what starts sounding like it could be a nice ballad, but the rap starts and the song just sounds cheap. Grade: F

Havard Lothe Band - This is….different…that is for sure. I'm not sure if this is what I was looking for but it is ok. It bounces along the way I would like it to but it doesn't actually have enough to be quality material. Grade: D

Silya Nymoen - Not really what I was looking for, some people may think it is but I disagree. Grade: D

The Canoes - Well this song just about sums up every drunken night I've had. I really enjoy this one and laugh about it. However I think that the song quality is only so so and there is more potencial in it. I think that if this in an English speaking country it would do extremely well. But Norway is a grey area. While they do not offically speak English but has many people who will understand the song. Grade: B-

Lise Karlsnes - This could go either way. It could be very good (and I might mention I think that this is a really enjoyable song) however it could fall victim to the same problems the put Rikke Nordmann out of the contest, even if she was one of the stronger contestants. Grade: B+

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