Monday, March 26, 2012

Sure Eurovision Has Been Doing That For Years!

I sat down to watch Britains Got Talent on Sunday night as I missed it on Saturday night. So sob stories aside there were some delights, like the fact that David Walliams is now a judge and Simon Cowell is back. (There was also someone from Baywatch there who didn't know the slightest bit about talent but was great to look at.)
But with the show aside every piece of talent that I looked at was straight out of Eurovision. Some with slight changes, let's have a look. (Sorry if you have to watch some of these on Youtube it won't let me embed them.

That's not Tom Dice (it's Sam Kelly instead).
No it is not, but it could be him singing here. Sam Kelly is here singing Make You Feel My Love.

It The (Ballroom) Schalgerboys
Ok, you won't see this at Euroclub (at least based on the things I've heard.) But still, this is all I could think of while I watched this. It may be the gayest thing I've ever seen.

Bradley and Barbara
It may not be Bjorn Ranelid and Sara Li but it's close.

Costume Changes
I am torn between Sean Banan and just a heap of costume changes, both of which we have seen at Eurovision. Dennis Egel is his name anyway. Make of it what you will.
Ell and Nikki's rehearsals
Certainly if you listened to the reports from the rehearsals Nikki was holding Eldar back which is kind of what is happening here. Good looking, not quite as good a singer girl, Charlotte is holding back phantom of the Opera (or Mc Donalds) [I can be so cruel] Johnathan. Anyhow this also provided for some really great awkward television when Simon suggested he dump Charlotte.

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