Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Montenergo, *sighs* The Review

After a minor amount of excitement about Montenegro’s return to Eurovision their choice of their song Euro Neuro by Rambo Amadeus was probably far more shocking. Broadly speaking the medley of this song is dire but we shall strive on to get make 300 words out of this.
The song starts with a rather interesting sudden start which leads into what might be described as a fairly boring and incomprehensible rap. My problem with this song is despite a rather promising start it bursts into this really boring verses. Lyrically this was by no means a success. It is difficult to understand the lyrics largely due to strange pronunciation and the fact that they don’t seem to have any real linear thought or anything. This really annoys me.
We do not know enough about the performance to say what could turn up but I would not be surprised to see Alf Poiner’s animal cut outs or something similar. If Montenegro actually cared about qualifying they might just take into account that by running first in semi 1 i.e. opening Eurovision they may need to be careful to stop people ignoring it as another crazy ESC entry.
As regards qualification it has little chance. Realistically even if it did qualify with the public juries will most likely award this a zero, with no real neighbours in the semi-final (maybe Albania) they probably haven’t much of a chance.
Personally I think this is one of the worst songs sent to the contest in recent years.
Verdict: A dire song but we don’t know enough about the performance to gauge where it might come on the night.
Grade: No Grade – this is because I cannot actually listen to the whole song right through.

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