Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At Least There's Only Four Songs

So Greece usually a revered country at Eurovision, it never has been out of the Top 10 since 2003 - has finally given us all of the information about their national final so it is time to review the four songs one of which represent them in Baku! [Thank god there's only four - I'll get to bed early]

Dora - Here is a standard Greek ethic pop song. As with all the artists in this years Greek selection, is new to the music scene. This does not exactly fill me with confidence in her vocal abilities however this concern does run in all of the songs in the selection. Overall this does not seem to go very far and with so many similar songs in the selection this doesn't seem strong enough. Grade: C-

Cassiopeia - Oh god, a three piece girl band with no experience - that's going to be some vocal performance. No that's just a bit mean. The song Killer Bee is sort of the generic pop that appears a lot National Finals. Grade: D

Velvet Fire - My guess is that this sort of pop/rock song by the weird looking people will win. This song seems to be a bit poorer than Ireland 2009 and that was a bit of a low point. At least parking wardens worldwide might have this blasting out of their headphones. Grade: C-

Eleftheria Eleftherou - This probably is their best chance this year but I still am by no means convinced. It lacks, well anything to make it sound like it was made on this side of 2003.

This year Greece has presented what really could be best described as a rather poor bunch of songs. However if Greece at good at one thing it is getting a good staging at the contest when it really counts. But if this was any country other than Greece I would be putting this down as an unlikely qualifier. Then again I said the same thing last year.

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