Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reviews: Hungary

Anyone who has spent as much of the day writing for college as I have will understand that I cannot look at the blog without feeling unwell. So I wrote this up a couple of days ago, sorry if it is not fully updated. 

Hungary had a huge overall of their selection process this year moving from last years’ internal selection to a three show, 20 song process. I’m not sold on the whole idea that the bigger show the better the song ultimately picked. I think that has more to do with the country.
Ultimately to my surprise they selected Compact Disco to represent Hungary in Baku. The song The Sound Of Our Hearts, is quite a good one. It has a great piano intro and develops into a strong anthemic rock(ish) song. Lyrically this could do with changes in a few spots and maybe even a little Hungarian in spots to cover up some rather strange English lyrics. This would not be an unusual for a Hungarian entry. The song could be better helped by a better arrangement that would take the monotone sound out of the song and involve the audience a bit more. Vocally this is pretty poor and they have not had a good vocal throughout the selection process. This does not fill me with confidence that they will have it together in Baku but a lot can change in three months. As a performance this is reminds me a lot of Greece in 2002 (the robots, remember).
One of the biggest issues with assessing this song is there is very little like it that has been in Eurovision before. My gut would normally tell me that if it is unusual to Eurovision, and is rockish then it probably would be unlikely to qualify. However there is something in this song that I think would make it stand out in a huge stadium it hardly would win but qualifying might be made a little easier.  Personally I like this song even if it is not good enough vocally. I think overall the poor vocal performance may stop it from doing well with the juries who might actually like it otherwise.

Verdict: Qualification rests Compact Disco’s ability to improve their vocal performance, which I suspect will be unlikely. It is a nice song though. Unlikely qualifier.

Grade: C

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