Monday, March 19, 2012

UK Finally Reveals Their Song

At long last we now have all 42 songs, and we now know the UK entry.

This year the UK managed a fair achievement of becoming the most  hyping up a selection process solely on Twitter and by giving fans a little information was humanly possible [which makes us all seem fierce intelligent really]. Rather than spending half my evening writing up my thoughts the good people at JOYEurovision have a good podcast on it [It's only four minutes too].

I think they are broadly right in their thoughts and their fairly similar to my own. I like the song itself, but like Albania it's not something that I desperately want to see at Eurovision, it's more something it'd listen to in my own private time. [I can't figure out why I think that way though].

While it might be a good song it just doesn't sound like one for Eurovision. I also suspect that this could be a bit like France last year. France's classical opera style song was broadly liked by fans, but ultimately was a dive on the night. While we can talk about poor on the night performances and being draw beside Italy. My Dad [a huge classical music fan] heard it on the radio on the radio before the contest and thought it was pretty boring. I think the UK could end up the same way. Largely because the song does not draw you in fast enough.

The fact that it really is meant to be anthemic but then goes and does not build in the second verse really doesn't help the song. I would also lower the guitar sound and bring in a little more orchestra to add the real British touch. The trouble is because the UK have left it all so late, they cannot make real changes at this stage. It would have been better to present this song and take a look at fan reaction, make changes then produce a final version.

The UK had the chance to produce something really strong but this could fail because of the draw (That's tomorrow). But everything about the UK has surprised me this year, so maybe the result will too.

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