Saturday, March 3, 2012

Despite rather controversial semi-finals Estonia have quite an excellent final lined up but hopefully some of these songs won't be at Eurovision.

Traffic - On the plus side to start at least the band's  name is easy to spell. The song however has a good accessible sound to it. Kind of the old style rock which should go down reasonably well. Grade: C+

Tenfold Rabbit - First prize for the group who could think of a more bonkers name than Malcolm Lincoln. This reminds me of the Gibert O'Sullivan classic "Nothing Rhymed". There was nothing wrong with that song and there is little wrong with this one.  It actually builds quite well. Grade: B

Birgit Oigemeel & Violina - For the first time since I started writing these reviews I think we actually could have the Estonian song for Eurovision on our hands. This is by no means perfect but in a sea of techno where each song sounds like the last one this stands out. Grade: A+

Lenna Kuurmaa - This is an innocent but fairly dull song and performance. But it really does go nowhere. If I heard this in the lift I'd be bored. Grade: E-

Teele Viira - Once again techno music, but this is a little better. While it is nice to know I still think that this is too much of the same again. Grade: C

Liis Lemsalu - Modern Jazz? Well this is interesting and pretty entertaining. The chorus is a little more straight forward that other songs in the semi-final but could do well. Grade: A-

Loss Paranoias - Starts off by sound a little the same as the song in the earlier part of this semi. The chorus is very good and that is a missing theme of the night here. Grade: B

Ott Lepland - A delicate and simple Estonian song, just for once I'd like to see them send this sort of song. His voice is good and clearly this will be good to hear live. It builds well to a nice cresendo. Grade: B+

August Hunt - That is what you'd call a sudden start but is the song actually going anywhere? No, unfortuately. It stays at the same pace the whole way through and that may not be the smartest idea as it makes the song a little boring. Grade: D+

POP Maniacs - Very odd starting song, but my instinct tells me that it is good but it does not give me a vast number of reasons to love it but I can live with it. Grade: C

I'm not sure what I'll be watching tonight so I shall have so reaction later tonight.


  1. You skipped Lenna and Orelipoiss was eliminated in the semi final.

    1. I spotted that after the show but didn't think anyone would spot it. It's changed now though.