Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lithuania: Love Is Blind, The Song Is Naive

Every year in National Final season we get many “Love Is Insert Title Here” however it is unusual enough to actually see these get to Eurovision. So this year Lithuania decided to change that up a bit and send one of these songs. Cue Donny Montell and his song, Love Is Blind. Which, for me, is not actually a metaphor that I think is true. That aside this is a pretty average sounding song. In fact it is a little bit strange.
The song starts slowly and builds towards a fairly ok chorus and the whole song is very operatic. Part of me is very unsure if it all works together in the first place. Is it an up-tempo song or an operatic song? Who knows? I am also not a fan of the variety of rhythms of the song. The opening and bridge all don’t help the song by being too long. All in all it makes for a rather confusing entry.
So we have all that about the song. Now let’s throw a spanner into the works. The song is drawn last in the semi-final. This position has a great qualification record especially since the introduction of two semi-finals. Only the Netherlands failed to qualify from here in 2009 and let’s face it that needs no explanation. So the question here is can the song qualify? I’m not sure if it can. Semi-Final two is very interesting due to the presence of a good number of Balkan countries, strong songs from the two Scandinavian entries and good entries from Ukraine and Belarus. This will be a difficult entry of pitch here. With so many strong up-tempos and ballads it is difficult to say if Love Is Blind has a large enough base to bring it to the final.
Personally I am not a big fan of this entry. I think that it is just a bit confusing by having so many different rhythms and overly long openings and bridges.
Verdict: This is a rather confusing song that doesn’t have a huge wide appeal. In a strong semi-final it is difficult to see it qualifying but the running order might change that.
Grade: E+

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