Saturday, March 10, 2012

Abridged Melodifestivalen Reviews

We now have the 10 songs which are going to fight it out for Eurovision. This year Sweden offers us a most diverse range of music. Earlier today I put up a Podcast with Melodifestivalen Reviews and for those who missed it missed our popular Rough Guide to Melodifestivalen

David Lindgren – This is a good song, kind of like In The Club but better. David is a good charismatic singer, but song is not strong enough to win. Might take a couple of votes from International Jury’s but I think he needs Danny to put on a poor performance. 6/10

Thorsten Flinck - Emotional but simple. Very like Caroline Af Ugglas’s song in 2009. However it is not as magical, and feels somewhat disjointed. I am unsure how this will do on night; could be forgotten given the other songs. 5/10.

Dead By April - An excellent rock song until it changes and sounds like my dog having a fit. Though it will attract rock fans it is not causing enough excitement. Little chance of winning but could pick up a few. 3/10.

Lisa Miskovsky – This is a great relaxing song after DBA but very much like Anna in 2010. It is very layered; cannot always make out Lisa in it. I would prefer something more stripped back. For me this is the Dark Horse of contest. It is doing well on Swedish polling too. 8/10.

Top Cats - One of the poorer songs in MF this year. Is that the lead singer from The Lucky Bullets? I don’t think this has a chance of winning. 2/10

Loreen – has a great song with simple staging and it is vocally amazing. The verses are a little messy and she still needs more camera contact. The studio version not near as good as live version and should be changed. It is the favourite by a good distance across all bookies. It’s probably going to win. 9/10

Ulrik Munther - Put through by teen girls from semi-final but they seem to have deserted him. It is a good quality song with a harmonica. It is vocally good however it is really generating enough excitement for the final, considering group behind him. Unlike to do very well. But could steal a couple of votes from Danny. 4/10.

Bjorn Ranelid ft. Sara Li – I just love this. Bjorn looks like my Dad only Dad 10 years younger has less hair and tan. It is a really great song which really works together. Maybe not everyone’s favourite though. I actually suspect that this could have won semi 3. It won’t do well with International Juries. But a high score in televote is conceivable. 10/10

Molly Sandén – This song is very heartfelt, emotional and this comes across on screen. However it is missing something but being a clear cut song I think it could win with the international juries but not televoters. 8/10

Danny Saucedo – Danny has a good song but semi vocals were very poor. The song is overly driven by staging and is heavily reliant on vocal’s in backing track. Danny won’t have it in ESC. Definitely one to beat but if vocally same as last time he might pick up very few votes from Internaitional Juries. He can count on a good televote score though. 4/10

Let us see what Saturday night will bring but my scores are:
  • 12 - Bjorn Ranelid ft. Sara Li
  • 10 - Loreen
  • 8 - Lisa Miskovsky
  • 6 - Molly Sandén
  • 4 - David Lindgren
  • 2 - Thorsten Flinck
  • 1 - Danny Saucedo
Above all I hope you enjoy tonight's show and are either pleased or not to disappointed by the result. 

Melodifestivalen show kicks off at 8:00 CET/7:00GMT. 

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