Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Surprisingly Good National Final: Romania

Romania has a reasonably strong national final this year so let’s take a more in depth look at the songs.

Catalin Josan - It may be a little old fashioned but it is a great happy go lucky song. I really like this. Catalin actually looks like he has some music experience also. Grade: A-

Ana Mardane - The opening of this song sounds like a big Broadway musical number. However does develop away from this but really it is Broadway at heart. Grade: B

Vicky Red - By the looks of it this song has been on the go for some time and has racked up a reasonable number of views on YouTube. This is a really high quality song. Then comes the Disco. But so far the Romania seem to have a good selection so I don't know how outstanding this will seem on the night. Grade: A-

RPK - The band name could easily be confused as a broadcaster but aside from that this seems to be a little poorer than the songs that went before it. Grade: E+

Lucian Oros - Despite sharing a song title with a razor slogan this is an interesting song. However this song is a little predictable and boring. It's far from awful but could be better. Grade: D+

Raluca Ocneanu - It's got very artist and orginal sound to it but I'm not sure that this will bring in a vast number of votes. Grade: C-

Electric Fence - That's a strange band name. The music certainly starts off as strangely as the name would suggest. The very different sound might suggest something different but in reality it would come across as a little messy. Grade: D-.

Ovidiu Anton - It starts like it is going to burst into a massive disco remix. But oh no - here comes the self pitying guitar pop. It's is a reasonable song but you know – depressing. Grade: C

Miss Mary - This is a pretty good quality song which has huge potential but kinda falls a little flat at the times when you want it to push on it doesn’t. Grade: D

Mandinga - What is the back ground music? 15 seconds in it was answered. This is a piece of messy ethino pop music which has a great hook and actually though messy it's the best song so far. Grade: A

T&L - This may be Irish and I do subscribe to the whole "support Irish" concept, but this goes nowhere. The speaking/supposed rap is not very good. Yeah this is boring. Grade: E+

Ioana Anuta - Usual pop/rock song that turns up at many ESC national finals. Girls Don't Cry is an interesting title and some of the lyrics provoke ideas to caustic to publish on this blog. However I can be a sucker for this kind of music. Grade: B

Tasha - Seriously club music here. However it is just a small bit boring. It just doesn't seem to go anywhere. Grade: D+

Bianca Purcarea - Starts as a relaxed and gentle ballad, and in fact it begs you to hear some more. So quiet. So gentle. So bueatiful. As I write this I am also keeping an eye on the primary results in the US. But really when you have great ballads like this who needs politics. Grade: A+

Ana Mardane - So she has two songs in the national final? That's a little strange. It is very different to her earlier song. I would perfer this one personally. Grade: B+

So if I have time after Melodifestivalen I will be dropping over to Romania to support Bianca Purcarea and her amazing song. 

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