Thursday, March 15, 2012

Malta: The Forgotten Entry?

As national final season draws to a close I return to the reviews of songs for Eurovision. So for now I return to Malta to examine what they, all the way back at the start of February picked.

There was a limited amount of delight when Kurt Calleja was selected to represent the small island at Eurovision with his song "This Is The Night". It was chosen by a combination of jury and televoting of 75% and 25% respectively. Anyone who was still awake while the final was ongoing will remember that voting between this song and Claudia Faniello's song was pretty intense.

The song itself is one that is probably designed to appeal to Eurovision fans. The song is an extra light pop song which relies on Kurt's vocals to actually lift the song at all. The song is pretty repetitive whether this is a good or bad thing I'm not sure. The song really is pretty bland - there's nothing in it that many other entries don't already offer. Kurt does not exactly lift the performance hugely and in my view he won a fairly weak national final.

In terms of appearance on stage I expect to see a rather boring and unimaginative stage performance rather similar to the performance in the national final. It's in the first half of the second semi-final. While I was wondering would this appeal to juries the semi-final that it is in, like last year will see many song vying for jury votes so I cannot imagine it making an impact there.

Verdict: I think that this is perhaps a song that is a little out of date. While it may appeal somewhat to fans music tastes in the semi-final it will be under too much pressure to really score very well. I expect this to be knocked out in the semi-final. Crucially it appears that even before we near Eurovision, nobody has mentioned this song which is a very worrying sign of it.

Grade: D


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