Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Kind Of Contest Doesn't Allow Facebook?

Tonight we will (hopefully) have a new song from San Marino. As everyone should know by now Valentina Monetta's first song "Facebook" was rejected by the EBU because it contained a commercial messages. For discussion purposes let's take the standard of the song out of the equation. So while we have discussed the relationship between ICT and Eurovision I neglected to mention that there could be lyrics problem with words like "Facebook" or other websites. After all the word "google" is now a verb in the English language. This will be an on going problem for the EBU. After all words like "social media" are very broad and really are not specific enough to use in lyrics. Like words such as hoover and biro

This does bring to light the potential issue between commercial messages and song lyrics, which will continue to be an interesting area of discussion. However by setting the precedent with San Marino now, the EBU may stop this sort of thing [Careful now! :) ]  for the next while, but no doubt this issue will back at some point in the future.

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