Friday, March 30, 2012

At Least I Like Her Heels, Greece: The Review

On our whistle stop tour of Europe leaving shredded songs behind us we arrive in Greece who this year just about managed to find the cash to get them to Azerbaijan. Anyhow, they saved money on the staging by having it in a shopping mall, well actually, it wasn't half as bad as it sounds. Frankie Boyle suggested to ensure that they did not win Eurovision, Greece should send "The Pedophiles". Well they did not exactly send that, but what they did send it a bit more risky.....

Anyhow, as what regularly happens in mediocre national finals the last song which was above average won. So Greece sent Eleftheria Eleftheriou to the contest with her song Aphrodisiac. So how to describe the song? Think of any Greek entry sung by a female from the last decade. I am confused between whether Greece sent this because it was a safe bet or do they think it is a potential winner. Eleftheria has definitely a song that could be compared to the songs from 2005 and 2008. While I think that this is true there is interesting things to be discussed.

Overall this is a very average entry from Greece and has the usual ethnic-pop styles. The song does not overly change much through out the song, a tangible key change or something that would draw you in a bit more. For me it feels very superficial. There are problems that do go against the song. First and foremost this has been a pretty bad draw for Greece. The third slot is not a good one. They also are sharing a semi-final with Cyprus, which does makes one set of 12 points a near certainty for Greece. However both songs are very similar, maybe Cyprus is not quite as ethnic but it does have a much better place it the running order. Both songs for me are borderline qualifiers, so this will be an interesting one to watch. The only other problem with the song is that Eleftheria has never performed this live. As she is largely an amateur in the singing world, I am not really  convinced that this will be one of the vocally perfect.

However as I alluded to in the title there is one fantastic point where she steps up the backing dances backs with her heels. But enough about any shoe fetishes which I may or not have.  

Verdict:  For me I think that it is a good song but there is limitations to that, I am not going to listen to a bad vocal performance and defend it. I think that this is a borderline qualifier. Overall I think Greece might finally find itself outside of the top 10.

Grade: C+

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