Friday, March 16, 2012

More and More News

So as the National Final season 2012 draws to a close everyone is rushing to get news out before the HOD meeting in four days time. At this point all songs must be finalised. So for those of you who feel you need a machete to get through all the news here's our less sharp machete - bulletpoints.
  • Montenegro were first to release their Eurovision song today, sung by Rambo Amadeus the song is Euro-Nuero. To be honest I think this is the worst so far. You can watch it here. 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina were the other song revealed today. To be honest I am disappointed by it. I had hoped that she would be a bit more lively. Instead - it's another piano ballad. You can listen to it here.
  • Zeljko Joksimimovic has confirmed that he will sing in Serbian. This is not surprising when you consider how lyrically poor the English Version was. Nina Badric also has confirmed she will not sing in English.
  • Tickets for the final went on sale today interestingly they did not sell out which is surprising. This may be caused by Eurovision being so far away this year. I wouldn't be surprised if many fans (like myself) choose not to go.
  • San Marino have confirmed that Valentina Montetta will be going to Baku for them. We will wait to hear song before we make a verdict.
  • Lots of videos are appearing online for this years Eurovision. I am not going to link to them but most major fan sites will have them.
  • We now know that in Belgium they will have the delight of picking between to ballads.
  • And finally - there is a multitude of fan videos out there but sometimes the actually catch your eye so much that you actually care about the content. I spotted this excellent video for Jedward that was really impressive. If this doesn't light your fire - why are you reading this blog? [Created by @ed_witha_zzz]

So that's the round up for the moment. I might not be posting over the weekend as it is St. Patrick's Weekend and that means returning to internet free rural Ireland. So until next time, Ciao.

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