Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is Your Song The Joke?

Georgia: The Review

I have to drag myself back to this song to judge it. This is not the worst song in the contest but it certainly would be if it wasn’t for the existence of a song which I will not mention for now *Cough…Cough….Montenegro…Cough*.

Georgia has recently experienced quite little interest in being represented in Eurovision. This is strange because according to the way I calculate bloc voting they won the USSR bloc vote in both 2010 and 2011. They also have had very good results since they first entered the contest. This year they received only 13 entries for Eurovision, leaving me to believe that they will most likely have an internal selection next year. 

This year’s song is the one that matters though and this year after a national final of nine songs Georgia decided to send the song I’m A Joker by Anri Jokhadze. This was a strange choice. It is rather different to many of the entries that we have seen from Georgia before this. The studio version of the song is not that bad however I think that when sung live it comes across as being a little messy. This could be polished up before it goes to Baku but I suspect it won’t be. Vocally, given that the song is mostly about shouting, it is fine but that’s all. Lyrically it is pretty poor – “I’m a Joker…I’m a smoker.”

While this may be the poorest entry so far from Georgia, it has some very successful songs to follow. However I imagine that the juries will shoot this down and it will not register enough impact on the televote to overturn the jury decision.

Verdict: This is Georgia’s worst entry so far and more than likely won’t qualify for the final. Personally I’m not mad about it.

Grade: E

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