Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two More Songs (National Finals Have Lost All Meaning)

Moldova and Greece but as there is nothing that is amazingly show stopping picked after Melodifestivalen I'm kind of sitting here thinking "Just give us the songs already!".

Moldova's three and three quarter hour show was at best marginally interesting but that went all the way down to unbearable during the 40 minute interval act. Anyhow they picked a guy in a 1940's golf suit. His name is Pasha Parfeny and his song is called Lautar. The problem is it is not epic sax guy.

Greece also picked their song - it's a bit shallow but it will do for now. But seriously Greece - pick it in a shopping centre? What were you thinking. Anyhow the artist picked is Eleftheria Eleftheiou. Her song is Aphrodisiac. I like it all the same but I think Greece are really testing their ability to come in the Top 10. However I love her heels and feel sorry for the poor guys who have to let her stand on their backs. (Ouch!)

More news tomorrow.

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